Hanko and Turku

On Sunday I came back from a pilgrimage to Turku. It was the first week-long Catholic pilgrimage in Finland (since the Reformation anyway) as far as I know. It was called Autuaan Hemmingin pyhiinvaellus (Blessed Hemming’s pilgrimage) and it was great, I really recommend you join us next year. Comment on this post or send me an e-mail if you are interested. Since my camera was in Spain with my brother I will make use of another pilgrim’s blog, although I have a hard time promoting a SWEDISH blog I will give you the link since it’s an extreme case (the text is in English so fear not:). Before the pilgrimage I made a nice little trip to Hanko for the first time in my life, and again I didn’t have my camera and so again I’ll direct you to another blog for photos and a more detailed story. Have a good rest of July!

One thought on “Hanko and Turku

  1. Do you associate with Swedes??? I’m chocked! Even so: if you want to you are free to use the pics from photobucket as you please. ;-)

    See you in Persböle next year.

    //Aki Kivannäköinen


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