Cambridge 29.5.2008

On Thursday I stayed home, played hide-and-seek with the girls and such. For lunch the whole family met at a nearby park, where we ran around and played some more.

I had also brought some of my Pauline books and when on the way back we went by a library, I stayed there for some time to do some reading. After some time a woman sat in front of me and a funny thought came to my mind semi-consciously, ”what if she was Finnish”. I didn’t look at her properly but she sort of might’ve seemed Finnish. Without giving it more thought I went on reading but after some time she was staring at my books and then suddenly asked me ”ootko sä suomalainen?” – are you Finnish? Imagine that – a tiny library in Milton near Cambridge, exact same time, same table, a Finnish woman. But it gets better. Where in Finland do you live? Vantaa. Me too, where? I bet it’s western Vantaa. No, eastern. Really, where? Havukoski. Korso! No way! That’s only a mile or two away!

It was raining when I left the library and I got a bit soaked but I found my way to the bus stop and back home although I almost got off at the wrong stop. The rest of the evening was peaceful, I watched another nice DVD, this time on St. Francis of Assisi. I especially like the music. After this peaceful day there was a very exciting day coming up, namely, Agnese’s birthday, celebrated together with Rachele (she had turned 3 earlier, now Agnese’d turn 5). So stay tuned.

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  1. Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna or Brother Sun Sister Moon or Veli Aurinko Sisar Kuu, mysle. Ale sa 3 filmy o sw. Fr , ten nie jest najlepszy. W Finlandii nie mamy franciszkanow (tzn. ojcow/siostr – swieckich mamy -tzn. third order, tertiaries).
    Abys wierzyla jak sw. Fr – wysluchaj nas, Panie.


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