Päivittäinen arkisto: 14 kesäkuun, 2008

Ylioppilas Evy

Englannin-matkalta tulin suoraan serkkuni Evyn ylioppilasjuhliin. Tässä sieltä kuvia. Juhlakalu Evy.

Enot tuli samaan aikaan ja yhteiskuvassa kummitusenoni Timo pelleilee kustannuksellani.

Kolme suurta miestä, Evyn veli Daniel ja eno Markku kuvaamassa ja isä Andre katselemassa.

Veljeni Alex ja Australiasta palannut serkkuni Mikko kuin kaksi marjaa, ikäeroa vaivaiset 10 vuotta.

Onnea Evy!

In Memoriam Adam Mekarski

My dear friend Adam Mekarski
Rakas ystäväni Adam Mekarski
Moj drogi przyjaciel Adam Mekarski

Mt 27:46
1 Kor 5:5
1 Kor 2:9
Ps 116

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

+ R. I. P. +

Cambridge-London 30.5.2008

Sorry for the break, I spent a week at a summer camp. Briefly on my last day in England. It was the birthday of Agnese and there was a nice party and I did magic tricks which were much liked. But I lost my mp3 player, which was then later found mysteriously and posted to me some days ago. I gave Agnese a children’s Bible and a Finland map with stickers. She had taken the Bible to school and told people it was given to her by a magician who makes coins go through his hands and stuff…:)

Michele took me to the trains and my trip to London went well. I went back to Ewan and Heini’s place but nobody was there. I waited and waited and took a photo of the beautiful view behind the house.

I waited some more, phoned people in Finland, talked to a neighbour, decided to leave for the airport and stay there overnight but just then I saw my dear friends, coming home from downtown London can sometimes take more time than one would have thought… anyways happy end, good night and home safe&sound.