Cambridge-London 30.5.2008

Sorry for the break, I spent a week at a summer camp. Briefly on my last day in England. It was the birthday of Agnese and there was a nice party and I did magic tricks which were much liked. But I lost my mp3 player, which was then later found mysteriously and posted to me some days ago. I gave Agnese a children’s Bible and a Finland map with stickers. She had taken the Bible to school and told people it was given to her by a magician who makes coins go through his hands and stuff…:)

Michele took me to the trains and my trip to London went well. I went back to Ewan and Heini’s place but nobody was there. I waited and waited and took a photo of the beautiful view behind the house.

I waited some more, phoned people in Finland, talked to a neighbour, decided to leave for the airport and stay there overnight but just then I saw my dear friends, coming home from downtown London can sometimes take more time than one would have thought… anyways happy end, good night and home safe&sound.


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