Lanciano 18-20.6.2008

I was in Italy from the 18th until the 26th of June, and here is the story. I flew to Rome, took a train to Roma Tiburtina from Fiumicino Airport, which of course took twice as long as it should’ve, which was simply typically Italian. No problem though since my bus left some hours later – my bus to Lanciano. On the station I found a Polish desk selling tickets and newspapers. In the bar there was a Polish advertisement with a terrible ortographical mistake- najleprze instead of najlepsze. Shivers.

This is the sea in Fossacesia near Lanciano. We’re talking east coast, around the same level as Rome, just a straight bus trip from Rome across the country, from west to east, 2,5 hours or so. When I arrived Wednesday evening in Lanciano, I went to Mass and met the family, the same one that hosted me last autumn (this was a voluntary reunion-sort-of-visit, captured best by the Italian verb ”ritrovare”). About the last Lanciano visit you can read here. Thursday morning it was time to go to the beach again, and use my brand new swimming equipment I got from the children’s camp;)

Below Franco the father and Emanuela&Alessia the girls on the beach, Tina the mother is missing (she was working, I believe). We played some games in the water and shivered (at least I did, for some weird reason since it was very hot) and got suntanned or sunburned big time. Bye to the old skin and hello new brown skin for the summer. One day was enough.

Dall’aurora io cerco te… fino al tramonto ti chiamo…

And in the evening there was a little reunion with Marco the Marcolone, and Roberto, friends from last autumn. It was nice to see them and talk to them and have gelato (ice cream)… they seemed happy and doing well. Il Signore vi benedica e custodisca, fratelli carissimi.

E grazie specialmente a Emanuela ed a Franco per l’ospitalità e per la vostra amicizia.

Dio vi sostenga e santifichi completamente – sane sane:)


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