USA, June 14th-28th 2009


I have just returned from the most amazing 2-week trip. I visited 9 states in the US in 15 days, met many wonderful people and saw many beautiful places. It will probably take me a long time to post all the photos and stories I’d like to, so I’ll be posting them little by little. Here I would like to offer a brief outline of my journey:

June 14th 2009 Arrival in JFK Airport, New York with father and brother. Visit to an Opus Dei Center on Manhattan. Nightbus to Pittsburgh.

June 15th Arrival in Pittsburgh, breakfast at Wendy’s, noon Mass at St. Mary’s, Stanley Cup Parade Celebrations with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Driven to Latrobe, PA, accommodated in St. Vincent Seminary.

June 16th Conference with priests, deacons and seminarians on the Gospel of St. Paul by Scott Hahn, Brant Pitre and John Bergsma

June 17th Another day at the conference, in the evening driven to Steubenville, OH by Hannah Hahn

June 18th Noon Mass at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, visit to the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, day with the Hahn family, in the evening driven to Pittsburgh – night bus…

June 19th Bus through Chicago to St. Paul, Minnesota. Out for dinner with Gerald Martin. Night in Minneapolis.

June 20th American Swedish midsummer celebration at the American Swedish Institute, World Juggling Day picnic in St. Paul, Mall of America and the world’s largest indoor amusement park.

June 21st Father’s Day Mass in St. Louis Park, day with Jim Jacobs & family.

June 22nd St. Thomas More’s Mass in Holy Family Church. Driven to North St. Paul to Emily Adam & family. Visit to the Cathedral of St. Paul.

June 23rd Driven to Forest Lake for breakfast and then to Chisholm by Paul the Jew, 3 hours finding out where my great grandparents lived and worked, bus from Hinckley to St. Paul.

June 24th Bus from St. Paul at 2 pm through several states … 28 hrs in total!

June 25th Arrival in Hagerstown, MD, driven to Greencastle, PA, to Robert Sungenis & family. Attended a junior baseball game and went out for a sushi dinner.

June 26th Visit to the national capital with all the sights including the White House and the national shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. Mass there on St. Josemaría’s day at 12.10.

June 27th Morning bus to New York, taxi to the Opus Dei center again, meditation, barbaque, get-together. Night at an unofficial OD study center i.e. with nice American friends.

June 28th Sunday Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, horse ride around Central Park, brunch at Grand Central, bus to JFK Airport. Reunion with father and brother, safe flight home.



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