Washington DC 26th June 2009


Welcome to Washington DC and the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception! Now that was another amazingly beautiful sanctuary right there, one of my definite favorites! I visited Washington with Bob Sungenis, had some great Ethiopian food first and then went to Mass here on St. Josemaría’s feastday.


After Mass we visited the bookshop and had a good laugh when in the ”saints” section there was first St. Therese of Lisieux and then next to her – Scott Hahn! As I was taking a photo, a woman walked by and informed me: ”He’s not a saint!” Sungenis had a good laugh and what crowned it all was that the woman recognized Sungenis and said some kind words to him.


Next we visited some sights, including the natural history museum where Sungenis as a faithful young earth creationists informed me of all the mistakes of the datings and reconstructions of various dinosaur bones etc. It was fun and we had good discussions. Then we saw the white house but we were lucky enough not to see Obama though.


It was a very hot day and so we got a beer and sat down at a concert of Celtic music. Then suddenly it started pouring and we got all wet but found shelter in an Episcopalian church. We drove back home, talked and had some wine and salmiakki, went to sleep, got up early in the morning and it was time for another bus ride… and the last days in New York.


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