New York 27th-28th June 2009

It is time to tell about my 2 last days in the US. I took a Greyhound bus one more time from Hagerstown to New York via Philadelphia. I arrived in New York around 5 pm and headed to a beautiful chapel for a Saturday evening meditation, after which I had a nice get-together with some nice people. I got the chance to tell them about Finland and let them taste Finnish salmiakki (ammonium chloride, commonly eaten as candy in Finland), which about 90 % of all foreigners find disgusting:D



I had the privilege to stay with Tony, a friend of a friend of a friend, with Portuguese background. He had a nice flat on Manhattan with nice flatmates as well. We had a good evening with some good beer and excellent music as well. In the morning we headed to St. Patrick’s cathedral for Sunday morning Mass. It is one of the world’s biggest and most impressive churches and it was full of people.




After Mass we went to Central Park and took a ride around with a horse (and a rider who explained to us where all the famous movie scenes took place).



Then it was time to have lunch, after which I already had to take the bus from Grand Central to the airport. There I was reunited with my father and brother. We spent the last (little) money we had and got on the plane, which safely brought us home to Finland. Then I had only a week to recover from jet lag and prepare for my trip to Italy, about which I will be writing… soon.:)


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