Rome/Rocca di Papa 6th-12th July 2009

Well it’s been a while since I finished my story on the US trip, and now it’s finally time to move on to the next one, namely, my trip to Rome, Italy. It was a very providential combination of two so far separate conferences/forums coming together in one place at the same time. On theJatka lukemista ”Rome/Rocca di Papa 6th-12th July 2009”

St. Paul/Minneapolis 19th-20th June 2009

I finally got my long lost memory card from the US and so I can finish the story of my trip to America. We travel back in time to the evening of June 18th, as I say goodbye to the Hahn family in Steubenville, am driven to Pittsburgh by a neighbor of theirs and takeJatka lukemista ”St. Paul/Minneapolis 19th-20th June 2009”

Washington DC 26th June 2009

Welcome to Washington DC and the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception! Now that was another amazingly beautiful sanctuary right there, one of my definite favorites! I visited Washington with Bob Sungenis, had some great Ethiopian food first and then went to Mass here on St. Josemaría’s feastday. After Mass we visited the bookshop andJatka lukemista ”Washington DC 26th June 2009”

St. Paul – Hagerstown/Greencastle June 24th-25th 2009

After the trip to Chisholm I came back to my host family and spent a fun evening with them telling about the trip and teaching twinkle twinkle to little James in the Finnish language. I also got to meet the first representative of the third generation. Here’s a nice family portrait. I really felt likeJatka lukemista ”St. Paul – Hagerstown/Greencastle June 24th-25th 2009”

St. Louis Park & North St. Paul 21st-22nd June 2009

As I said before, I will have to skip over two days and come back to 19th-20th when I have my lost memory card. Now I will post about my days with the Jacobs and the Adam families in Minnesota, near St. Paul, the capital of the state. First, on the 21st I was takenJatka lukemista ”St. Louis Park & North St. Paul 21st-22nd June 2009”

Steubenville June 18th 2009

So, it’s time to tell about my trip to Steubenville, OH, to the Hahn house. Scott stayed at the conference, while his daughter Hannah and I drove ”home” in the middle of the night. We found the right way almost accidentally after having gotten lost, we arrived around 1 am. I was introduced to myJatka lukemista ”Steubenville June 18th 2009”

St. Vincent Seminary 16th-17th June 2009

So, I spent two more days at St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, PA. Those were some heavenly times for me and so I’d like to pay tribute to the people that contributed and share some thoughts and pictures and links. First of all, Dr. Scott Hahn (behind in the above picture) is the professor forJatka lukemista ”St. Vincent Seminary 16th-17th June 2009”

New York, Pittsburgh & Latrobe June 14th-15th 2009

So let’s have a look at some interesting events at the beginning of my trip. My first destination was a center of Opus Dei in New York, but in order to get there I needed to take the subway. There I got lost because of unclear maps, I lost my metro card, too, and feltJatka lukemista ”New York, Pittsburgh & Latrobe June 14th-15th 2009”